Sustainability | Projekt Indigo

“The biggest question troubling the fashion industry at the moment is that if a manufacturing setup can be 100% sustainable? Truth be told, it cannot. And knowing this hard fact, starting a battle at a disadvantage is not easy for any brand.”

Denim has long been tagged as one of the greatest pollutants in fashion, thus increasing the risk of the stakeholders in this industry. It took the shutdown of hundreds of denim production facilities and the loss of billions of US dollars for the first fiddles of this industry to start rethinking production strategies. But the sector is still largely unorganized. There is an urgent need to embed sustainable strategies into our ethos.

The door to sustainability

"Sustainability finds its true meaning in traceability, where we know it’s not being used just as an empty trend term."

How do we understand that a pair of jeans is actually sustainable? Do we know how much natural resources are being used in producing it? Are all the raw materials used eco-friendly or only a few of them? How much energy is lost in the transport process? The door to sustainability opens up when we start answering these questions - with complete traceability.